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I’ve made my decision. I feel that I have found the best coffee in Prague. I’ve been going to this place Bio Zahrada (which means Organic Garden in Cesky) and it keeps getting better. Some friends and I stumbled upon this place a few weeks after we had moved to the area. It was a […]

The sun came out for oh, I don’t know thirty minutes today? Ray and I decided to check out Vítkov Hill. It’s right by our place so it’s an easy walk. All we wanted to do was get outside, get some fresh oxygen in our lungs and maybe even raise our heart rate a bit. […]

I go to Ulrych every day. I usually print out things I need, take books out for the class or take care of other busy work. Right next door / downstairs there’s a vegetarian restaurant called Veg Food. I am not a vegetarian. That’s not to say I wasn’t at one point in time, but […]

Sigh. I came to the Czech Republic in early January. I completed the four week intensive TEFL course with a strong pass. The entire time I documented my experience on my lap top. Like many of our worlds mysteries such as Loch Ness, Sasquatch and aliens I cannot seem to spot those files. I am […]

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There will be no explanation for any of these. To the best of my ability, these are in time order. Feel free to let me know if I’ve missed any. -I’ll pee on you and your purse-Ulana -I just wanted to get everyone a little wet, I didn’t mean to hurt anyone-Kyle -Cup and lift-Someone […]