Imagine if Fuji film tried to sue those who were advocating digital photography.
Imagine if the laborers who were paid decently to separate cotton sue Eli Whitney after the invention of the cotton gin exploded the American textile industry.
Imagine hard working laborers suing Henry Ford for invention/popularizing the use of assembly lines.
Imagine scribes suing Gutenberg for eliminating their need to exist with his widely used printing method.
Imagine carriage makers and horse breeders filing a class action suit against poor Mr Ford again for hurting their profits by inventing a well known product called the “automobile”.
Imagine theater owners, puppet show entrepreneurs and street performers taking Philo Taylor Farnsworth to court claiming that his new product the “television” was responsible for decreased attendance thus hurting their ticket sales and performance fees.
Imagine network radio stations suing the hundreds of people involved in popularizing music videos for hurting their sales because less ears were listening to their advertisements which made them rich.
Imagine Claude Chappe suing Alexander Graham Bell for coming along with the telephone thus crippling his telegraph business into extinction.
Imagine if Fuji film tried to sue those who were advocating digital photography. Imagine Newsday, NY Times or the Boston Globe suing “the internet” for reducing their subscription numbers.


Think about these examples when arguing online file sharing. Throughout history, new technology is introduced that swallows the previous platform. File sharing is no different. People who fight it will not win. Even if cases are decided on today, in 5 years they will be obsolete. When the 12 year old today becomes the 21 year old consumer, it will be a nonissue.
The longer people try and fight file sharing, the faster the technology and awareness to that technology’s capabilities will grow. Companies need to capitalize on new sources of income. Capitalize on the new means of distribution! If a thousand consumers who paid $1 for something in the past turn into a million consumers who will spend their money on something else that’s related, CAPITALIZE ON IT!

The gaming industry have been early adapters to this model. Their sales are not dipping but actually growing. Accept file sharing and offer your consumer something special if they spend the money. The sooner companies do that, the faster technology can grow and contribute back into business. One download will not necessarily translate to a lost sale. No study has been done to determine the proportion of users that would buy the material they download, if downloading were not available. You don’t stand a chance with out accepting it. Over a third of the US population file share. That number will not stop growing. Don’t lose sight of the larger picture. If you don’t you don’t stand a chance anyway.

Watch all four parts, or click HERE for the full version.


27-brooklyn-bridge-new-york-city_smTeaching has been pretty awesome. To give you an idea, I work for a school that has no classrooms. No public classes really. Large companies employ the school I work for that sends teachers to their headquarters to conduct classes in their board rooms. Business / banking / general English. A typical day will start with an 8am class followed by a large break for duration of the work day then more classes in the early evening. Classes are usually either 60 or 90 minutes. I’ve been teaching about 8 or 9 classes a week so it’s been fairly light in comparison to other teachers schedules. I’ve had plenty of time to handle any side work I managed to grab as well as time to myself, which I’ve never really had much of in the past. Weeknights have been spent with friends, dinner at Andrea’s and the infamous karaoke Monday’s at Blind Eye. The occasional dinner out and about has become a once a week thing.

Beyond that, the teaching climate here in Prague seems to be deteriorating. A lot of classes are being canceled, jobs are harder to get and the visa process has become more complex. I’ve lost 4 classes permanently this week alone. So with that I’ve decided to come home and return to bar tending for the summer. I’ll be back on Long Island, splitting my time between there and Brooklyn. I’ll be bar tending at The Crescent and Flower Fields, same as last summer. Only this time it’ll be more intense since I’m not sharing my time with another full time music biz job. Given the circumstances, I’m stoked. Summers in NYC are my favorite. It’ll be nice to have familiar things again and see my friends and family. Who knows what will happen or where I’ll be beyond the summer, but I’ve learned not to think that far ahead. With what I’ve accomplished here I can literally work anywhere in the world so… we shall see.

For now, I’m looking forward to Brooklyn, Boats, BBQ’s and Buddies. I’ll be home May 4th, so only a few more weeks. Let the countdown begin!

I’ve made my decision. I feel that I have found the best coffee in Prague. I’ve been going to this place Bio Zahrada (which means Organic Garden in Cesky) and it keeps getting better. Some friends and I stumbled upon this place a few weeks after we had moved to the area. It was a cold afternoon and we were looking for warm coffee and free WiFi. We randomly came into this place to check it out. The fist thing I noticed was that they had blankets if you wanted them! A nice unique touch that I can’t say I’ve seen anywhere else.

They basically have three different kinds of straight coffee. Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, Brazil Daterra Sweet Collection and Colombia Supremo Screen 18, from the region Huila. Now, if you’re into high end coffee that TASTES like high end coffee this is for you. I found myself leaving the sugar out due to the bold taste of all three blends. The catch is, you’ll pay for it. It’s about 45-53czk for a cup, but like most things of quality it’s worth every crown.

The atmosphere is extremely friendly and so are the patrons. The help will sit and explain every detail about where, why and how they get their coffee which was insanely over-informative. They also specialize in organic foods. Your basic teas, breads and common pantry essentials. My one and only gripe is that the place is a little cold. But I keep going back!

I can’t say enough about their motto; ” We like good food, drinks and the company of good people and we believe that if we offer the best we can, the good company will find us.”
Damn right. Check this place out!

Bio Zahrada
Belgická 33
(20 metres from náměstí Míru)
Prague 2, Vinohrady
tel: 603 752 468

Somewhat of an update is in order. My teaching schedule has been pretty consistent, which is a far cry from what I was dealing with a few weeks ago. Did I mention I’m coming home in June? Yeah, for the summer. Bar tending season will be in full effect and I am really excited about it. The 16 hour days, the non-stop cougars pinching my ass, stoked… If I have my way I’ll be visiting both Florida and California! The weather is slowly but surely becoming warmer, except for this weekend. Any time I ask someone “hey, when does it get warmer?” they always tell me “two weeks, two weeks” every time. I guess I’ll have to wait. This past friday we went to the The Sedlec Ossuary which is a small Roman Catholic chapel, located beneath the Cemetery Church of All Saints in Sedlec, a suburb of Kutná Hora. There are about 40,000-70,000 human skeletons which have been artistically arranged to form decorations and furnishings for the chapel. I literally have never seen anything like this. You can see pics here, but it will not do it justice. It was really nice to get out and do something touristy because I haven’t had the chance since I’ve been here. Thanks to Joel and Conrad for coming into town and making me an honorary tourist for the week. I’ve been watching an insane amount of movies lately. The introduction to the Piratebay was a bad idea! W, Valkyrie, Bolt, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, Pride and Glory, Taken are all ones I highly recommend. Nashladanou!

Dear Zachary


It’s not often that I finish watching something and I’m almost in tears. I just finished watching “Dear Zachary”; a documentary about the life and death of Andrew Bagsby. He wasn’t famous or well known for anything nationally to warrant a big production. What a life! Watch this film!


The sun came out for oh, I don’t know thirty minutes today? Ray and I decided to check out Vítkov Hill. It’s right by our place so it’s an easy walk. All we wanted to do was get outside, get some fresh oxygen in our lungs and maybe even raise our heart rate a bit. On the way up the gigantic hill, we noticed a giant TANK off to the side. Since most Americans are taken back by the sight of large military arms like that, we stopped to investigate. It was this military history museum (Vojenský historický ústav Praha ). It was open, we were curious and we had cameras so we checked it out. It basically covered the Czech armed forces from the early 1900’s until now. Most of which had to do with the Nazi occupation in the 30s. Here are some snap shots of my favorites, you can see the rest here.

These are photos of the killing rooms in a concentration camp somewhere. Yikes.

We finally continued up the hill to see the giant statue of Jan Žižka. He was a Czech general and Hussite leader in the late 1300’s. This is supposed to be the largest horse statue in the world. After reading about this dude, he reminds me of Czech’s version of William Wallace . Oh, and he only had one eye. Check out that view!

Veg Food
I go to Ulrych every day. I usually print out things I need, take books out for the class or take care of other busy work. Right next door / downstairs there’s a vegetarian restaurant called Veg Food. I am not a vegetarian. That’s not to say I wasn’t at one point in time, but I’m not one now. Probably won’t be ever again. Anyway, after some business at Ulrych last week I met some friends there.

It’s laid out really nice. Aside from the giant photo of the woman staring at you, the atmosphere is a welcoming one. The waitstaff is friendly and they speak enough English to make ordering a meal possible. I must point out, this is a blatant Buddhist joint. If you expect and order a beer of your liking, you will also have made the same mistake I did. Whoops.

Like most Asian restaurants, regardless of cuisine, the translations found in their menus never disappoint. Here are some choices that may get your palate going.

Crispy surprise (Let us surprise you!) **not recommended**
Noble life
Summer sky
Dancing beans
Star light
Bamboo lover
Tasty glory
Mi fun

I don’t think I’ll be going back here. But, for you veg-heads in the Náměstí Míru area, knock yourselves out!

Veg Food
Londýnská 35
Prague 2-Vinohrady
Veg Food

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