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I purchased a car alarm and pepper spray today. After driving/owning a SMART car for 5 months now, I’ve noticed a few things. The car handles and acts like any car I’ve ever had. The steering is slightly more sensitive because of the smaller wheel base, but not much else. It goes as fast as […]

Imagine if Fuji film tried to sue those who were advocating digital photography. Imagine if the laborers who were paid decently to separate cotton sue Eli Whitney after the invention of the cotton gin exploded the American textile industry. Imagine hard working laborers suing Henry Ford for invention/popularizing the use of assembly lines. Imagine scribes […]

Sigh. I came to the Czech Republic in early January. I completed the four week intensive TEFL course with a strong pass. The entire time I documented my experience on my lap top. Like many of our worlds mysteries such as Loch Ness, Sasquatch and aliens I cannot seem to spot those files. I am […]

This weekend was slotted to be relaxing and stress free. Two days away from any internet or even dry land. I was going to Ft Lauderdale to visit my uncle, and spend the weekend on the yacht eating good food and sipping good drinks. BUT THEN Sat night, they were having drinks before dinner. As […]