Paul McCartney: Citi Field


IMG_0103I saw two 18 year old kids eating pot brownies (assumed) while I was waiting on line to get into the Paul McCartney show this past Friday. It’s amazing when an artist can transcend generations like that. Other than Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash or the like, no one does it like Sir Paul McCartney. Citi Field played a great host to the crowd full of rabid widespread fans of Wings, Beatles and Sgt Pepper. The only snag in the entire evening was a twenty minute delay due to a ticket scanner malfunction. Don’t rattle their cages, folks. Even a short delay caused a woman behind me to nearly blow an o-ring.

Random act of awesomeness: A guy came up to me after I had waited on line for almost an hour at the Shake Shack. He wanted to buy me my meal in order to avoid waiting on the same line. Absolutely, thanks bud.

Anyway, Paul was really appreciative. He mentioned how horrible the sound system was when the Beatles played Shea Stadium back in 69′. Way interesting! I never thought of that part of it like that and probably should have being a musician myself. The video montage matched each song that was played the best it could. Images of Russian culture during “Back in the USSR”, a myriad of memories of his former band mates for each song dedicated to their name and even a quick digital portrait of Obama during “Give Peace a Chance”.

He walked the tight rope of pleasing all fans alike with all the hits, my favorites where Beatles singles. He even plugged in a brief cover of Jimmi Hendrix’s “Foxy Lady” which was a nice touch.

I felt like I WAS seeing history. History in that he is likely one of the last of the great rock stars. A dying breed. The kind of rock star that may never exist again going forward. History in the fact that it was the first concert at Citi Field, all the while the Mets were getting KILLED in Atlanta. It was one of those times that I’ll look back in 50 years and cherish knowing I participated. Glad I went!

PS. His drummer looked like Albert Pujols.
PPS. I managed to record a few clips on my iPhone, you can hear them here.


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