MJ isn’t the only thing dead.


newspapersripThink about how the evolution of news distribution has changed. Without going into the entire history of print, the basic method of news distribution has been unchanged from the middle ages (kinda) until the dawn of radio (distribution changed, but methods remained the same). That was huge. The introduction of television, even bigger. Then think about the impact the internet has had. Radio did not kill print. TV did not kill print. In fact, print continued to grow with the inclusion of both medias.

The internet has taken 20 years to figure out how to kill print media, and it’s almost done.

The NY times has the best article , listing the top 10 news papers that are on the endangered spieces list.

The key is the way we receive news. Circulations and subscription sales are down. I have a hard time believing readership is down. People are still getting the news. People are just getting the news differently. Even if you’re not a RSS junkie like myself, between watching Good Morning America and checking Yahoo and or CNN.com at work and you have your bases covered.

This isn’t including Twitter coming into fold. Newspapers were doomed before you started tweeting. Let’s be real though, Twitter will be the nail in the coffin. As outdated as reading a physical newspaper is, the information flow stayed the same: source, journalist, public. It’s been like that since the beginning. Twitter changes that. It removes the journalist all together and delivers info the public right from the source. Uh oh.

This makes the timeframe INSANELY short. If a story appears in a paper or magazine, it might be days old or even weeks old in a magazine case. With Twitter its instantaneous. This might be why magazines are also going out of business. You can now find out what Sean Combs, Oprah , Dwight from the Office and Trent Reznor are having for lunch (if they tweet it). Who needs Rolling Stone or Spin magazine now?

So where does it all go? I think we’ll continue to see physical media fail. At this point it’s a matter of who has enough money to stay above water as the weight of running a company that loses money takes them under. The ones with money will last the longest.

Am I pointing out the obvious, or?


3 Responses to “MJ isn’t the only thing dead.”

  1. strange as it is, since becoming an at home mommie I have wanted to start picking up the old print and reading it while having morning tea. It is refreshing to read the paper. Nice break for the eyes, because lets’s face it they stare at the computer screen all day.

  2. 2 Ryan Knakal

    I thoroughly enjoy the concept of sitting down and reading a magazine but at the end of the day it’s a cost thing. The majority of people pay for internet service, cable, and cell phone service and included in these things is information. As you stated it takes periodicals days to weeks to get us information we have most likely already heard. Unless magazines and newspapers start being more creative and not regurgitating (sp?) the same thing over and over it’s pretty much over for them. Plus magazines and newspapers are not really environmentally friendly.

  3. 3 billmeis

    Cost is one of many, many factors. I bet you anything that when the telephone was invented, there were still people using telegraphs until it was gradually phased out. That’s similar to now. It won’t happen over night, but eventually print will phase out all together.

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