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So, today I was invited to a listening party for Alice in Chains’ new record “Black Gives Way to Blue” out on Virgin Records. It’s their first record since 1995. I have to say, it was one of the most awkward experiences I’ve ever professionally been involved in. Located in the (new) New York Times […]

I saw two 18 year old kids eating pot brownies (assumed) while I was waiting on line to get into the Paul McCartney show this past Friday. It’s amazing when an artist can transcend generations like that. Other than Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash or the like, no one does it like Sir Paul McCartney. Citi […]

Baldwin, NY – I spent a large part of my childhood there. There was Artie’s Deli, The Corner Store where I played Street Fighter and ate pizza bagels for $1 and stole atomic warhead candy. The bike shop, the baseball card store, the bodega where we bought smoke and stink bombs (all of which are […]

Think about how the evolution of news distribution has changed. Without going into the entire history of print, the basic method of news distribution has been unchanged from the middle ages (kinda) until the dawn of radio (distribution changed, but methods remained the same). That was huge. The introduction of television, even bigger. Then think […]