Embrace it or destroy it.


roadrageI purchased a car alarm and pepper spray today. After driving/owning a SMART car for 5 months now, I’ve noticed a few things. The car handles and acts like any car I’ve ever had. The steering is slightly more sensitive because of the smaller wheel base, but not much else. It goes as fast as any other compact car on the road. It can park anywhere. It’s insane on gas mileage. It turns heads. It’s easy to wash (all though the whole +$2 at the car wash for SUV’s doesn’t work the other way on tiny cars, jerks).

What they won’t tell you in the SMART pamphlets is how other drivers will treat you on the road and every day in general. Since it’s a small car, people assume you are slow. If NY drivers think you are too slow, they will overtake you any chance they can get. We all do it. The blue haired lady peeking over the steering wheel. The hockey mom simultaneously applying makeup and smacking her six year old. They all get overtaken. Laughing, pointing, middle fingers, yelling and insults I wasn’t prepared for. I can take all of this, my fuse is longer than most.

Here’s what I can’t take: A few weeks ago I was driving my mother home from the doctors office. After I pulled out of the parking lot into a line up traffic stopping at a red light, a van pulled up really close to my bumper. I stopped along with the traffic, brushing it off. After I made a right, the van miss my front bumper with a cut off, pulled out in front of me and stopped. He got out and came at my car yelling and screaming. Having the even keel I do, I immediately called 911 and called in the tag and location. Mr intelligent was pulled over shortly after, not sure what happened to him.

Three days after I got the car I was down at the local spot playing pool and having a beer. The car was parked right out side. The bar tender told me I should go outside, that some dudes were standing near my car. I looked outside to find three of long island’s finest trying to pick up my car. I ran outside with a pool cue and chased them off. What the hell did I get myself into?

Typical American behavior if you ask me. If it’s different and unfamiliar either embrace it or destroy it. Other than that, great experience so far!


One Response to “Embrace it or destroy it.”

  1. Ok seriously can picture you remaining calm and calling 911 while the jerk freaked out. LOL

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