Worth Every Crown


I’ve made my decision. I feel that I have found the best coffee in Prague. I’ve been going to this place Bio Zahrada (which means Organic Garden in Cesky) and it keeps getting better. Some friends and I stumbled upon this place a few weeks after we had moved to the area. It was a cold afternoon and we were looking for warm coffee and free WiFi. We randomly came into this place to check it out. The fist thing I noticed was that they had blankets if you wanted them! A nice unique touch that I can’t say I’ve seen anywhere else.

They basically have three different kinds of straight coffee. Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, Brazil Daterra Sweet Collection and Colombia Supremo Screen 18, from the region Huila. Now, if you’re into high end coffee that TASTES like high end coffee this is for you. I found myself leaving the sugar out due to the bold taste of all three blends. The catch is, you’ll pay for it. It’s about 45-53czk for a cup, but like most things of quality it’s worth every crown.

The atmosphere is extremely friendly and so are the patrons. The help will sit and explain every detail about where, why and how they get their coffee which was insanely over-informative. They also specialize in organic foods. Your basic teas, breads and common pantry essentials. My one and only gripe is that the place is a little cold. But I keep going back!

I can’t say enough about their motto; ” We like good food, drinks and the company of good people and we believe that if we offer the best we can, the good company will find us.”
Damn right. Check this place out!

Bio Zahrada
Belgická 33
(20 metres from náměstí Míru)
Prague 2, Vinohrady
tel: 603 752 468


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