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Imagine if Fuji film tried to sue those who were advocating digital photography. Imagine if the laborers who were paid decently to separate cotton sue Eli Whitney after the invention of the cotton gin exploded the American textile industry. Imagine hard working laborers suing Henry Ford for invention/popularizing the use of assembly lines. Imagine scribes […]

Teaching has been pretty awesome. To give you an idea, I work for a school that has no classrooms. No public classes really. Large companies employ the school I work for that sends teachers to their headquarters to conduct classes in their board rooms. Business / banking / general English. A typical day will start […]

I’ve made my decision. I feel that I have found the best coffee in Prague. I’ve been going to this place Bio Zahrada (which means Organic Garden in Cesky) and it keeps getting better. Some friends and I stumbled upon this place a few weeks after we had moved to the area. It was a […]